Many Days End

by Tom Hall



International Tapes:

When he’s not making scorched-earth synth experiments under his AXXONN moniker, L.A.-via-Australia producer Tom Hall is busy creating ambient compositions under his given name. Two years after his promising Muted Angels EP, Hall has has just announced a new full-length record titled Many Days End, set see release this November.

“Fall Into Dark” is the first taste of that record, and may be Hall’s most fully-realized effort to date. Though the song begins shrouded in static, it slowly emerges from the cobwebs to coalesce around a subtle piano melody . It’s a process that takes just the right of time, with Hall bringing the refrain into focus as if coaxing it from the shadows. Though reminiscent of ambient mastermind Tim Hecker, “Fall Into Dark” offers a sunnier and more uplifting worldview than Hecker usually entertains. The track comes to us set to imagery of time-lapse sunsets which nicely soundtrack the track’s parabolic structure. By the end of the song evening quietly over takes us and the last chords fade.


PBSFM (Australia):

Many Days End is the latest release from LA-based Australian Tom Hall. The album continues Hall’s exploration of subtle texture and drone-like distortion heard on his previous Sonoptik release ‘Muted Angels’. Like fellow ex-pat Ben Frost, Hall finds beauty in the harsh, fractured distortion of digital processing and combines this with ambient scores generated with lush synthesizers and at times acoustic piano.

This album is both an intimate portrait of Hall’s studio-based music practice while at the same time being a grand statement of sweeping instrumental soundscapes. Richly beautiful throughout its 39 minutes, Many Days End paints a film-noir sensibility that celebrates stillness and craft, offering listeners a truly immersive experience from start to finish.

A quick web search for Tom Hall and Sonoptik Records will lead you to a Vimeo clip for the track ‘Fall Into Dark’ – possibly the best representation of what Many Days End has to offer. The album is officially released through Sonoptik on November 6. If you can’t wait that long I suggest you get online and grab a copy of Tom’s previous album Muted Angels to get you through.


released November 6, 2013


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